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Terms & Conditions

The WEB Terms & Conditions

The WEB recommends that you read all terms and conditions carefully before concluding any contract or receiving any service from us. Below is a list of important legal terms that apply to anyone who visits our site or uses our services. These terms and conditions are necessary for you and our protection. The WEB offers many services and wants to explore its business scope. Therefore, its special terms and conditions may not apply to people who do not have any relationship or affiliation with this particular service.

Terms and Conditions of The Web

General Terms and Conditions:

  • You must be 18 above or at least an adult in the jurisdiction in which you reside before entering into a contract.
  • You may not coerce, intimidate, or bribe us into any illegal, unethical, or unethical sale of sites, products, or commercial services that violates or is inconsistent with national law.
  • This is an agreement between both parties that you will not copy, duplicate, publish, use, or resell in whole or in part any services taken from us without our written consent.
  • You agree that The WEB does not provide any legal advice or recommendations regarding the laws.
  • All terms and conditions shall apply to the contracting parties.
  • You agree to comply fully with all applicable laws, including any special laws.

Purpose of the Web:

We strive to introduce something custom and new in web, application, and software development with complete customer satisfaction. We produce websites, applications with unique features designed to be easy to use for both our customers and their clients.


All our services and products are paid for by the web. If you want to receive our services, you will have to pay the amount according to the contract. These are the terms and conditions associated with the payment:

  • We reserve the right to change notifications at any time after notice.
  • All payments do not include all taxes, fees, or charges levied by the tax authorities, and you must be responsible for paying all taxes related to your use or business through your site.
  • You agree to pay us something before you receive any of our services. The full payment will not be refunded until we have, in our sole discretion, terminated, executed, released, abandoned, suspended, or terminated the project.

Finally, accepting all our terms and conditions, you agree that you must comply with all terms and conditions. All commitments or any agreements between you and us will be made in accordance with these terms.

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